Tuesday, August 17

Craft Time: Adjustable Sun Hat

I have triplets. My babies are 6 months old now and it's summer here in So. Cal. This means glaring sun and triple digit temperatures from April until mid November, and retailers in their infinite wisdom don't make sun hats in infant sizes. So, after realizing that I don't have the patience or the time to make hats for my girls myself, I decided to adapt ones made in toddler sizes.
And if you're interested, I'll show you how . . . .

What you'll need:

  • broad brimmed sun hat, with or without chin strap

  • complementary ribbon (my preference is a grograin, but anything washable will work), no less than 5/8in wide and long enough to wrap around the hatband 2 times

  • secondary ribbon (decorative only, enough to wrap 3/4 of the hatband, totaly optional)

  • decorative buttons (count the seams in the crown of the hat if 4 use 4 buttons per hat, if 6 use 5 buttons)

  • hand-sewing needle and all purpose thread (entire needle must fit through button holes)

  • 5 or 6 straight pins (per hat), washable pen to mark center point (if desired)

First, find the front center point (hats with 6 top panels will have a center seam front and back). My hats have 4 sections but no front seam, so I lined up the 2 forward seams to find the mid point. I marked this with a vertical straight pin.

Now find the center point on the ribbon (line up ends and smooth) and carefully mark (washable pen on the underside) and attatch to the hatband with center pin. If you're going to add any other decorative ribbon repeat as needed.

Now, using the seams as guides lay out and center the ribbon over the hatband, pinning at each seam (if using a 6 seam stop 1 before the middle back seam to allow room for adjustment).

Sew on your buttons at the seam lines to hold the ribbon on securely, and using a single stitch, tack the ribbon down every inch or so between the buttons.

The hat will now adjust down to fit the average newborn all the way to toddler. Quick, easy and completely customizable, this project is only limited by your own creativity. Blue ribbons with sailboats or sports equipment could easily make a plain hat suitable for daddy's little boy, too.
Enjoy, and Happy Crafting!