Saturday, December 22

Because I can . . .

The Doctor did it!
He saved us!
Sorry, I couldn't help it.

Friday, December 14

Thoughts on Coming Out

A spouse’s perspective
At the end of March my world changed.
Two words turned my life upside down and set me spinning.
 “I’m transgendered.”
There was so much heartache in those words,
 so much fear and longing.
Pain at the thought of such a complete rejection.
 A voice teetering on the edge of losing everything.
In that moment I had two clear choices:
I could run screaming and
break the fragile heart opening up to me.
Or I could see this as exploring a new aspect
of the person I’ve loved for so long and accept.
With either choice my life would change.  
A choice between fear and love.
Not everyone would agree with my choice,
but for me, in that moment, the choice was clear.
Love won.
It was the easiest choice I’ve ever had to make.
Love won.
In the months since she came out to me,
 we have weathered stresses and storms,
sick children and family who can’t understand.
We have disagreed, worried,
 broken down and held each other up.
We have answered questions, made new friends
and been hurt by those who can’t
come to terms with the changes.
We are closer now than we have ever been,
kissing like we did in high school, constantly in contact.
More supportive of each others’ needs,
 more forgiving of their faults.
I am so proud of her, proud and honored to be with her,
to take this journey hand in hand.
Two words can change the world.
Love won.