Wednesday, April 13

Teething and Triplets

I can pretty much say that the only person who reads this is my best friend for almost 2 decades now, so I don't really have to worry too much about being too honest. The last six months have been rough. No, that's not the right term. Hellish. Yeah, that's it. It seems like life is conspiring to keep me from ever sleeping again. Right around the six month mark all 3 girls started teething. And I'm not talking one at a time, each girl has had at least 4 teeth cutting or sitting right below the skin waiting to cut constantly since around Thanksgiving. A has 7 teeth, with #8 (bottom eye tooth) waiting, B has 5 with #6 cutting, and C also has 5, again with #6 cutting. Now to make things more fun, right around the time this all started Highland's (the most well known teething tablet manufacturer) recalled all of its product because they didn't have child-proof caps. I have yet to see them back on the shelves. I did find an alternative . . . however it is only sold (at least in my neck of the woods) at Walgreen's. And I really don't shop there. Even better, child #2 (I think I'll lovingly refer to him as Bam-Bam) is potty training. And has been with limited success (until very recently) for the last 8 or 9 months. Around the time of my last post he spent a whole week wearing underwear and staying dry until his afternoon, let's call it . . . 'elimination' which would inevitably end up in said underwear . . . and smeared all over the bathroom. At that point I put him back in diapers for a little longer. Not to be left out, child #1 (I believe Elroy seems most appropriate) hung out with his (slightly) older cousin and came back a mini teenager. He's six! He was a sweet, helpful, considerate child when he left . . . but he came back a back-talking, entitled mouth on legs. To top things off Elroy and Bam-Bam have hit that age when territory starts to become important. Now that Bam-Bam has the vocabulary to assert himself more the games have become a bit less friendly. At this point I'm just glad they haven't taken to marking the furniture . . . . And through it all darling Hubby has remained steadfastly . . . planted in front of the computer. I HATE EQ. I loathe it. He plays using Ventrillo (so he can talk to other players through his headset mike), so I'm never entirely sure that his remark (or answer to my question) was actually meant for me. Don't misunderstand me. I feel that computer games are a fun and worthwhile hobby and enjoy getting to play some of the rpg style myself. But somebody has to watch the kids. The girls are mobil now, and the boys play so rough. I love him, with all my heart. And I can think of at least 3 occasions in the last week when that has been the only reason I haven't thrown something at him. *sigh* What a time to decide to start blogging right? And to think, all that was my long winded explaination of why I haven't posted for so long . . . . I'll try to be better. I can't guarantee it . . . but I'll try.