Sunday, May 25

They totally asked for it

So, here’s the Facebook conversation that transpired after I asked my friends (who I talked about in said post) to approve my most recent post (Summertime) before I put it online. I like to give people an out . . .  Please excuse the horrible shorthand (what can I say, it’s FB). At this point Alani hadn’t picked a name yet, so she was referred to as X.
Adoree: good to me!

Alani: No complaints here
I was gonna make a joke about how u could use the x for my psuedonym but i am afraid u will use them...Hahaha !

Adoree: hahaha
madame X

 Me: Do you have a preference for an online name . . . careful, don't tempt me.

 Adoree: (cept I think thats a porn star or something)

 Alani: Alani

 Me: she was forever known as Mrs. X, and had to sit with her face in the shadows
Alani is a good one.

 Adoree: lol

 Alani: Lol! First i was gonna say professor ....then came triple into my omg

 Me: and here I was thinking about those confession pieces (like on 60 minutes) where the person has decided to remain annonymous
how is it I'm the one that didn't go to the dirty place with it? that never happens

 Alani: Totally slipping

 Adoree: tsk tsk!

 Me: i know, i know. i promise to do better next time

 Hunny: Lol

 Me: careful now, I may have to pull a Bloggess and stick all this up as a post . . . .

 Adoree: It's ok, its still early

 me: that sounded like a dare . . . .

 Adoree: I double dog dare you?
I would say chili dog dear, but I learned what a chili dog is, and eww

 Alani: Standing here not knowing what to say....hmmm ...

 Me: i always heard it as triple dog dare . . . do i need to google chili dog? now I'm scared

 Alani: Yes triple lol!! Tho your youngest would say chilli dog adoree

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