Sunday, June 27

Arguments with Myself . . . Environ-Mentals

I have family members who are rabid, foaming at the mouth environmentalists (one of my brothers and his girlfriend, and a cousin as well) who strongly believe that everyone should return to organic farming methods and an agrarian lifestyle. Great. Wonderful.
Unfortunately, using only those methods (only natural pesticides, ie other bugs, heirloom crop varieties, and no genetic modification to the plants), and farming every square inch of arable land on the planet will only feed 4 billion people.
There are 7 billion humans on the planet.
So, my question to them is . . . which half of the population starves to death?
Genocide for the right reasons is still genocide.
I don't know about you, but my budget is tight as it is. My family can't afford to have food prices double, much less quadruple (which is more likely). If the food supply is cut by half (or more) scarcity will cause prices to skyrocket.
The French Revolution had a similar genesis.
The question then becomes . . . how do we feed 7 billion people in a more sustainable, earth-friendly way?
If you really want to change the world then you have to stop lamenting how things should be and find a way to work with how things are.

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